Book Club Thursday: The Firefly Cafe by Lily Everett

The Firefly Cafe
Lily Everett 


For years, the Harrington family has dominated the business world.  Gorgeous billionaire brothers Dylan, Logan and Miles Harrington command the family empire, which has given them everything they could ever want…except the one thing that matters most.  Now they’re about to travel to the windswept refuge of Sanctuary Island, where they’ll discover that fortune, fame and power don’t mean a thing without someone to share it with.
Dubbed “the Bad Boy Billionaire” by the tabloids, Dylan Harrison’s playboy lifestyle is starting to lose its appeal. When he hops on his motorcycle and drives to Sanctuary Island, he’s looking for time alone to get his head on straight. Instead, he gets pulled into the warm friendliness of the island—and an intense attraction to Penny Little, waitress at the Firefly Café and caretaker of his family’s vacation home.  Trouble is, Penny doesn’t realize he’s a Harrington brother…and he wants to keep it that way until he’s sure he can trust her with his heart. But Penny has a secret of her own, and when the truth comes to light, will they still have a chance at love?
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Here we are again, it's Book Club Thursday. I hope you take the time to post a comment and to remember to visit the other two blogs participating in Thursday Book Club. I also want to remind you that because this is a book club there will be spoilers.

I can't believe it's that time again. I picked The Firefly Cafe for our book club because I was in the mood for a feel good book and my lovely fellow bloggers agreed. I can say that I very much enjoyed this story. It has characters you want to know more about, characters that have hidden depths. This book is part of a trilogy that introduces Sanctuary Island. All three books are about the Harrington brothers. First up is Dylan, he's the youngest and is called "the bad boy billionaire". I really enjoyed getting to know him. You find there is more to Dylan then what meets the eye. Of course just because he's not what you think, doesn't mean he's ready to settle down just yet, or is he? Things change when Penny and her son walk into his life. Now, Penny she has some issues. Her son isn't happy with his new life and acting out and she has to work very hard to support them. Now as much as I liked the story there was a few things that bugged me, like how much Penny had issues with "rich people" and talks about it more then once. Which leaves Dylan in a position to keep who and what he is quite. I will have to say it's a good story and worth the read. 

I will give this book 4 stars

If you've read The Firefly Cafe or not, please join us in talking about it. Remember to stop at the other two blogs that are part of Book Club Thursday Happy reading!   


  1. I enjoyed this too. And I liked Dylan and how he wanted more from life than partying. I know what you mean about Penny, more could have been written, but she was a hard working woman who loved her son, but novellas can't get into things the way full length stories. Her son gave her a hard time, but he had his mom's back. I also want to meet his family.

    1. I wish the story could have gotten more into the son's attitude. I felt that a lot was left unsaid.

  2. I'm glad you liked this book Ann, I was worried since her alter ego books are not your cup of tea. That said these books are different somewhat in style/tone. I thought Ms. Everett did a good job overall even with the book being novella sized. I did take issue with Penny being against giving second chances but in truth wasn't that what she sought when she came to Sanctuary Island? And what about in the future as single parent? But of course the book had a HEA so all was good! LOL

    1. I was a little worried to in case I couldn't get into her but I did. Of course not sure it that was due to the fact that it was such a short book.

  3. I wished their were more about the son,too. Dylan was good with him. Novellas have that problem with people falling in love in 30 seconds because they can't give you more of the couple together.

    1. It's true that novella's sometime leaves you missing a some things. Even when they are done well. Just not enough word count to fit everything in.


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