A Soldier's Heart by Alexis Morgan

by Alexis Morgan
A Snowberry Creek e-novella

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Best friends Nick, Spence, and Leif are counting down the last days of their third deployment as members of the U.S. Army, and their first in Afghanistan. But when one of them receives heartbreaking news from home, their camaraderie will be tested both under fire and under the strain of nearly unbearable emotional pain.
Then, while on patrol in a dangerous sector, the strangest thing happens-a stray dog appears from nowhere, alerting them to a coming ambush, and saves their lives. And as the three soldiers struggle to rescue the pooch from the firefight, each of the friends finds a little lost piece of himself-and a part of themselves they need to carry home...


This is a wonderful start to a new series. I'm use to Alexis Morgan writing wonderful paranormal's. She has a great way with writing the men in her books. Makes you really believe they are what they are written to be. I wasn't sure what I thought about her going from paranormal to contemporary, but it worked well. She had the same feel in her writing as she did in her other books. I can't wait to read the next book in the Snowberry Creek series. Happy reading! 


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