Lacy: The Doves of Primrose by Krista Kedrick Guest Post & Giveaway

Lacy: The Doves of Primrose
By: Krista Kedrick

Lacy Weston… or is it Campbell? Hell her husband took off so fast he may as well take his name with him. She is trying to run the historic family bed and breakfast out in the middle of the prairie while coping with her husband’s desertion, trying to keep up with her two best friends and oh yeah, the movie production that has landed in the middle of The Dove House and taken over, bringing former rodeo champion, famous actor and Lacy’s old flame with it.

The last thing Lacy needs…

Kyle McClintock is back in Primrose to shoot his latest western blockbuster and to see if the passion he and Lacy Weston had so many years ago could be reclaimed. Yes, he had ulterior motives when requesting his old hometown for the set, but he may get more than he bargained for. Strange happenings, hot tempers and Indian summer nights may prove too much for this cowboy.

Nobody ever said it was easy loving a Weston.

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Author Info

Hi y’all! I’m Krista Kedrick and I’m a country loving writer. I write stories with the country way of life in mind. Yes, they have cowboys and cowgirls, ranches, tractors, dogs, children and your occasional bar room brawl, but in the end they are down home people who do the right thing and find a love more powerful and promising than your everyday story. Because that’s how we are. Everything is stronger, more passionate and long-lasting.

I write from my home state of Nebraska while living my dream life (well, almost). I have an amazing husband, two of the cutest daughters on the prairie and a Basset Hound who teaches me the meaning of the word “patience”.

Kick back and enjoy my books about the country life-- but keep your boots off my coffee table.

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Guest Post

Romancing the Readers would like to welcome Krista Kedrick. Please share the love with this author and thank her for being here. Happy reading! 

Meet Lacy Weston

     Or is it Campbell? I’m really not sure with the details of my quickie divorce being as of yet still unsettled. Why did I marry Brice Campbell you ask? Well, it was eight years ago and I was a stupid kid. I also may have gotten myself into some trouble and needed him to get me out of it. But that’s something I simply don’t talk about with anyone other than my two BFF’s, Scarlett and Emmylou.
    I have recently been put in charge of my family’s B&B, The Dove House. Being a former brothel started by my great-great-grandmother in the small town of Primrose, Nebraska has given it quite the history that the people still talk about. As I’m sure you can imagine. It has also cast me in an unsavory light, some of that was honestly earned by me and some of it was not. Believe me I have been the center of the gossipmongers circle a time or two.
   But being in charge of such an old house is not always as glamorous as it sounds. I know, I know. You’re shocked to find that out. It’s really hard work to keep it up and make ends meet. Guests are not clamoring at my door for rooms and the constant repairs are a drain on the dwindling pocketbook.
So when the offer of a movie dropped in my lap I jumped at it. I really should have thought that over better, but desperate times make for desperate decisions. So what if the lead actor is my ex-boyfriend? I can handle having the man that stomped all over my heart, betrayed me, abandoned me and sold me out to his friends. I’m not eighteen anymore. I’m a big girl and can conduct myself accordingly.
Except no one told me he had gotten better looking and more charming over the years. That is completely unfair by the way.
   And nobody bothered to tell me that he was hell bent on fixing the past either. Or was he just trying to get me back into bed? Sometimes it was hard to tell. It was even harder to fight off while he was flashing that sexy smile, touching me at every available opportunity and making me rethink everything that I thought I knew about the events that led up to one of the most devastating days of my life.
  What’s a girl to do when not everything is as it seems in Primrose?
  Read Lacy from The Doves of Primrose series and find out.


  1. Great Guest Post! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  2. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today and letting everyone get to know Lacy just a little bit better.

  3. I'd enjoy this - fingers crossed for a paperback ( don't have an eReader).


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