RT13 (Romantic Times Convention 2013) Here I Come!

It's that time of year again, RT13 (Romantic Times Convention 2013) is here and I'm heading out today. Each year I've been going with one or both of my BFF's, Cyndi (www.borntoread.blogspot.com) and Karen (www.themanyfacesofromance.blogspot.com). We've been going since 2011. I will admit, the first year or so we were lost, so much was going on, and I was like a kid in a candy shop. Now, after all these years I feel like I'm going to visit friends. For those of you who haven't gone before to RT, you are missing out and it's so worth the cost. What you do, and come home with will blow your mind. It takes forever to unload the car with all the books, pens, and other free giveaways. They have different programs for you to attended.

We go for the Bookseller program which is run by Kate Ryan. She does a wonderful job! 


We celebrate booksellers and librarians at the RT Booklovers Convention. Our workshops focus on bringing in new customers, helping you to create a better presence in your community and online and giving you new ways to reinvent your store in the ever-changing bookselling marketplace.

There is also a wonderful program for Readers! 

Our 2013 Reader Program includes more socials, events and workshops than ever before! Expect to take part in great author genre chats, meet some of your favorite authors during panels and parties and, of course, make friends with fellow book lovers during special reader-centric events. All events listed from Wednesday to Sunday on the agenda are included in your registration unless it says additional ticket required.

One of my favorite things about RT are the parties It's a rocking good time! 

We are in the middle of planning a plethora of morning mixers, afternoon soirees and nighttime parties. At the upcoming convention we will have the biggest and best social events yet. We can't wait to see you there!

And we end the week with on of the biggest book signings you'll ever see. I can't tell you what it feels like to walk into the room where they do the book signings and see all these people running (not everyone, but some do) from author to author! 

Convention attendees — as well as the general public — are welcome to attend the two annual book signing events. On Thursday, May 2, meet some of the best e-book, self-published and graphic novel authors and illustrators at our annual E-Book, Indie Publisher and Graphic Novel Expo. Then on Saturday, May 4, join hundreds of authors and fans at our giant book fair. These events are open to conventioneers and the general public. 

There is so much to do that you find yourself going from the time you wake up, till you fall into bed late that night. I will admit that by the end of the week you are so tired that you'll be lucky to get out of your pj's to go home. But it's all worth it. If you're going to RT13, please look for me my name is Ann Lorz I'd love to meet you and say Hi! As always, Happy reading! 


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