The Lost Night by Jayne Castle

The Lost Night is book one in the Rainshadow series. It's about Rachel Blake & Harry Sebastian. Rachel lives on Rainshadow island where she runs the bookstore her aunts gave to her. Harry's family owns the Preserve on Rainshadow and he's there to figure out what's going on inside the Preserve. He needs Rachel's help but she's not very happy to be spying on her neighbors. Left with no choice she helps him. Soon they start to figure out that the lost night she spent in the Preserve has something to do with what's going on now. They have to work quickly to figure it out, or Harry will have no choice but to close the island. I enjoy Castle's books about Harmony, but have found that as they go on, they're more about the PSI part of the story then the characters themselves. I still enjoyed the story, but felt it was missing something. Happy reading!


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