Slow Burn by Anne Marsh

Slow Burn

Slow Burn is book 2 of the Smoke Jumpers & Hot Shots series. It's about Evan Donovan & Faye Duncan. Evan and his brothers are smoke jumpers in Strong California. Faye Duncan is a photographer who comes to town to take pictures of the fireman, and what they are doing in Strong. She runs into Evan at a bar her first day there. Evan's friend and Faye ex-husband asks him to keep a eye on her while she's in town. Soon he's doing more then keeping a eye on her.

I enjoyed this book but had some issues with it. At times I felt the author got bogged down with the information on her fireman fighting fires, not that I don't enjoy learning something new, I just want to read about the characters first. For me sometimes it caused the story to mover slow. But as a whole, it was a good story. I really enjoyed the characters and want more of them. I'm always a sucker for brother's and the way they act with one another and you get that. If you're into hot fireman, you'll enjoy this story. This book is out on March 26th, Happy reading!


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    1. I do too! :) I want to make I do so soon. She has a third coming out not to long from now.


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