Lush by Lauren Dane


I was lucky enough to receive a ARC of this. Lush is book 3 in the Delicious series. It's about Mary Whaley who's a chef and owns a supper club and Damien Hurley who's a rock star. Mary is a very busy woman who's very down to earth, where as Damien is more of party man. I haven't read a lot of books by Lauren Dane but I did enjoy this one. This is a erotic romance so there is a little heat to the book. I enjoyed the characters very much. Lush is out on April 2nd. Happy reading! 


  1. Soooooooo jealous. Ive been dying for this book as I LOVE Lauren Dane. I have Tart (book #2) and have been slow to read it only because I didn't want to read it too soon! LOL It's on my short list.

  2. You better speed it up a little. This one will be here soon. :)


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