Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill

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It's day six of the Avon Affair book review blog. Not only am I reviewing for that, I'm also doing this review for Tasty Book Tours. I'm a busy girl. Kiss of Temptation is about Ivak Sigurdsson & Gabrielle Sonnier. Ivak is a Vangel, a "viking angel", who is working at Angola Prison as a "spiritual advisor". Gabrielle is a lawyer working to get her bother out of prison. She meets Ivak and asks him to help her with getting her brother out. She also goes to Tante Lulu seeking her help. With their help, and the whole LeDeux family, they work on getting her brother out. I have to say that when I first started Kiss of Temptation I didn't think I'd ever like Ivak. The man was a man-whore. But as I kept reading I learned that he had changed a lot during his long lifetime. He somethings would think things that he shouldn't, but in the long run he was a very good guy. I also loved visiting the LeDeux family. If you haven't read their books you're missing out. Since this is book 3 of the Deadly Angel series, I suggest you read them in order to get a better picture of what Vangel "viking angel" is. This book is out on March 26th,  Happy reading! 

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