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Love Me Forever

Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite historical authors. I've always loved her humor, and the sexy men she writes about. My all time favorite of hers is Love Me Forever. It's hard not to fall in love with Lachlan MacGregor. His actions towards Kimberly Richards is just so sweet. Of course, he was there to steal another man's wife, but that's another story, one you'll have to find out about by reading the book. You should read Man of My Dreams first, that's where you first meet Lachlan. Johanna Lindsey writes may series, the one that I like best is her Malory/Anderson's.  I just love how Anthony and James act together. They are so funny and a little mean. Anything you read by her is enjoyable. If you have a favorite of hers, what is it? Happy reading!  


  1. I'm with you here! Johanna Lindsey is my go to when I just want to read something. I've got her books going all the way back to CAPTIVE BRIDE. Yes, I'm that old!! ; )

    1. I too have all of her books. I've reread many of them over and over again. She's just writes a great story. I was lucky enough to meet her years ago. She was very shy.


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