Naughty & Nice by Ruthie Knox, Molly O'Keefe and Stefanie Sloane

Room At The Inn by Ruthie Knox
     I have to admit that I had some issues with this story. First off, I just felt some of the romance was missing. The romance that I like. This is a personal issue with me but I don't find a man that doesn't show up for his mothers funeral is not the type of man I want fathering my children. That just set the tone of the book for me. There are some very good moment within the story, ones that make you realize that these two should be together. If the funeral part does bother you then you should like this.

All I Want for Christmas is You by Molly O'Keefe 
    This story was a little more about Christmas but not by much. The issues I had with this story is that it one, was over twenty years in the past. You think it starts there an then ends now, no, it stays in 1996. Second, the couple was younger then my own child. It was the age group that I would have read when I was 12. The story was well written, and gives you a good idea about how the author writes.

One Perfect Christmas by Stefanie Sloane
    This story was by far my favorite of the stories. I've never read this author before and found myself enjoying it. It felt more like a Christmas story. Since I didn't have any issues with it, I found myself satisfied by the time I was done reading it. It was well worth the cost of this ebk.

I feel the publisher has done a disservices to both the writers of this book, and the readers. In a whole the stories didn't feel like Christmas and the title didn't really match the story content. I do have to say that the first two authors I've read other things by, and love it. So my issue is just with this book, not their past work. I would like to hear what you thought. Happy reading!


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