How do you pick your books?

My friends and I talk about this often. I can't speak for them, or you, but I can myself. When I look through the RT Book Talk to see what's coming out, or check booksellers sites, I start first by authors I already read. Then I look at covers. Yes, I'm one of those. Sometimes I buy a book just because I like the cover. I try not to do this often because, I don't always care for the book and with the amount I buy, I try to only spend my money on the ones I will like. I then go and read what the stories are about, and if they catch my attention, I might buy them. I also look at ones that my friends tell me about. The friends that know my taste of course. Last, I go to the review sites. Sometimes I'm careful with them because I not sure if one, their taste is like mine, or two, they are reviewing the book honestly or if they just want to keep getting books free from publishers. You also have to be careful of want-to-be authors that will find fault with everything. So tell me, how do you pick the books you buy? Happy reading!


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