Friends, Food & talking about books!

There is no better way to spend the evening then enjoying good food, (if I say so myself) drinks and talking about books with good friends. That's how I spent my evening. Two of my best friends came over for dinner tonight and as we ate we talked about what we were reading and enjoying. I've spent years with these ladies, and have had books in common with them, for that whole time. Do any of you have girlfriends like this? Happy reading! 


  1. Aw. How sweet. I had a great time too. Even when or if we don't agree I always enjoy our book talk. And dinner was great. I love when we try new things even when they don't always work out 100% sometimes the mistakes or tweaked recipes are the best. Unless you are making a lemon parsely flavored side salad that tasted like dish soap and immediately went in the trash! ;) not one of MY better nights! Lol

  2. I don't even want to laugh at you about that but I can't help myself.

  3. I enjoyed the dessert when I got home.


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