Book Review: The Rebel Cowboy's Baby by Sasha Summers

Rodeo cowboy Audy Briscoe loves getting into trouble. If he can't charm his way into beautiful and straitlaced Brooke Young's heart, then he'll settle for rilin' her up but good! When a terrible tragedy leaves them co-guardians of a baby girl, Audy finds himself in over his head. Is it too late to turn this restless rebel cowboy into the kind of man—and father—Brooke could love?
This one is a bit of a tearjerker. The thought of losing someone always makes me sad but then to have to stand up and raise those we love child isn't a walk in the part either. Add the fact that you now have to do it with someone you're not a fan of and it's going to be crazy. 

I really enjoyed this story. I hurt for both Audy and Brooke. They are dealing with said loss but also, they have now a little charge that needs them. You see how much this is going to change their lives. 

Brooke isn't always the easiest character to deal with. She often feels she's a better person than Audy. At times it really made me mad. Not to say he was always a great guy and easy to deal with. He was very focused on what he wants to do. 

It might have taken time for me to warm up to Brooke but in the end, I did and began to see the real her. She learned that there is more to Audy, and he was able to show her that he'd put her and baby Joy first. This is a heartwarming story that I really enjoyed reading and is one of the reasons I love Sasha Summers so much. A great start to a good series. 


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